Ediciones de la U - LID Editorial.
Bogotá, Colombia – 2.014.
ISBN 978-958-762-258-4.

Entrepreneurial Dynasties©

“A book that should be read by any entrepreneur who wants to make the difference and to leave an exceptional mark throughout time”
José Gabriel Miralles. President & CEO of Franklin Covey México, CAC and Chile.
"Each family can apply what is most applicable to their situation from this work and to design their own model"
Ernesto J. Poza. Founder of E.J. Poza & Associates. He is a professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Glendale, AZ- USA.
"It’s a book with innovative ideas and which puts forth for the first time a model that compels us to analyze in a more holistic way the purpose and the legacy which we want to consolidate for our future generations."
Borja Raventós. member of the Codorníu Council, founded in 1551, currently a 16th generation council, Barcelona, Spain.

Why do some family businesses die upon reaching their second or third generation members, while others go on surviving many more generations? What are the success factors making a family enterprise to become an Entrepreneurial Dynasty?

Raúl Serebrenik G., gathers in this book the secrets that explains it--all from his more than 20-year experience in this field as advisor of numerous entrepreneurial families in various countries. To achieve this, there are various examples he has studied, such as the case in Japan--the country with the most businesses that have lasted the longest “21 for more than 1,000 years, 140 for more than 500 and 4,000 for more than 200 years,” where he also proposes his own Model: Consolidating Entrepreneurial Family Dynasties©, having been successfully implemented with various families in different sectors and parts of the world.

The author clearly shows step-by-step all the aspects that families should put into practice in order to establish a wealth equity springing firstly from the family business itself, and then sets forth how to manage, consolidate, and convey it all so that the business survives generations. Patently, this book is a very useful and practical tool which no doubt will have a positive impact on the current statistics that say that nine out of every ten inheritances distributed disappear into thin air.

Raúl Serebrenik Ghitis expounds on how to manage the legacy, as well as ascertaining its continuance and wealth, so that family enterprises are guaranteed survival for generations to come.